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Iridescence by Sabra at The Congregation Detroit

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

* This event has ended

You're Invited! Iridescence by Sabra at The Congregation Detroit Reception September 11th, 2021 3pm-5pm 9321 Rosa Parks Blvd, Detroit, MI 48206

Please join us for the reception celebrating the September art exhibition at The Congregation Detroit featuring artwork by Sabra Morman on Saturday, September 11th from 3pm-5pm. This art exhibition curated by Chanel Beebe features several original paintings by the artist that will be on view through September 26th, 2021. The works will also be for sale in person and online via The Congregation Detroit website.

ABOUT THE EXHIBITION I am excited to display original works from my collection of artwork entitled Iridescence. My artwork is simply a reflection of my perspective, each artwork is a story based in a fantasy world with events from the real world. It's my version of iridescence. Depending on the angles, the fantasy fades into reality opening the beholder's eyes to see everyday moments a different way. This is a multicultural body of artwork portraying the diversity of people and experiences of the world. I'd like to inspire people of all ages, be it a child or a senior citizen. I strongly believe that all my paintings tell a story that can serve as an inspiration for anyone. This event is open to people of all ages! Share this event to your social media and friends, I will be forever grateful! Hope to see you there!

"Creating art inspires me and serves as my reminder that anything is possible." My mission is simple, to create quality artwork that captures attention and sparks conversation and connectedness between people. Shop The Collection

LOCATION OF EVENT The Congregation Detroit 9321 Rosa Parks Blvd, Detroit, MI 48206

G E T I N T O U C H Art By Sabra The Congregation Detroit (313) 307-5518


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