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My First Art Residency Experience: The TEAD One Memorial Residency

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Artist Sabra Morman at TEAD One Memorial Residency Studio

In October 2021, I got a text from Jenny Vaughn that said, "can you give me a call?" When I received the news that I had been selected for the residency, I was over the moon. As painter in a highly competitive field, the opportunity to work alongside established artists and receive guidance was invaluable. And let's be honest, the stipend or supplies didn't hurt either!

But the benefits of the residency went far beyond just the financial support. For starters, the residency provided me with a dedicated space to work on my paintings. As any artist knows, finding the space to work on large projects can be a challenge, especially in a bustling city like Detroit. But with the residency, I had access to a peaceful, distraction-free environment where I could let my creativity flow.

Arteza Art Supplies, Iridescence Art by Sabra TM

I was able to complete several commissions and experiment with new techniques and materials. With the stipend I decided to purchase new metallic acrylic paints from Arteza and their acrylic markers for outlining these worked fantastic with thick and vibrant colors that made my artwork pop. Perhaps most importantly, I was able to dream about the future of my art career and the possibilities that lay ahead.

Where Everybody Knows Your Art!

TEAD One Memorial Studio Detroit Artspace
Martina Sanroman, Sabra Morman, Jenny Vaughn, Drew Valdrez and Erin Kruczek

What was the best part of the residency? The community at Fishnet Art Studios in Dearborn, MI has been invaluable and to this day they are still there to be a resource for me. Working alongside other talented artists who were open and willing to provide guidance and advice was priceless. And let's not forget the soundtrack - listening to rock ‘n’ roll through the walls was a definite highlight!

What makes the TEAD One Memorial Residency so special? I believe it's their commitment to being in the community. That summer I was chosen, we had several pop-ups in Detroit's Dequindre Cut Greenway where we were able to show work and engage with visitors while joining together. My most memorable is when our studio created a community mural, at the Detroit Harvest Festival, where hundreds of Detroiter's were able to put their handprints, forever on the walls of the Dequindre cut.

Visit here to learn more about the TEAD One Memorial Residency and ongoing programing at our collective studio in Artspace, Dearborn.

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Arteza Art Supplies, Iridescence Art by Sabra TM


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