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Steal Like an Artist

I'm known for having a knack for cultivating the best creative concepts that artists love to “borrow”. As an artist with a proven track record, I'm now offering confidential creative consulting to fellow artists, aiming to elevate their artwork and help them develop their own comprehensive body of work.


What I Offer:


Personalized Concept Cultivation: Delve into your artistic vision as I provide tailored guidance and fresh perspectives on your concepts and themes.


 Marketing and Career Development: Gain strategies to enhance your visibility and reach, from approaching galleries to crafting professional pitches and identifying practical ways to make income on your artwork.


**Confidentiality Assured:** Your creative concepts and marketing discussions are kept strictly confidential, ensuring a safe space for exploration and strategizing.


Service Structure:


I offer both hourly sessions and customizable package deals, integrating concept exploration and marketing consultation to meet your specific needs. Sessions can be conducted virtually or in person, allowing flexibility to accommodate your schedule and preferences.

Ready to take your art career to the next level?

 Reach out to schedule a consultation and embark on a journey toward artistic and professional growth. | +1(248) 617- 4521

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